Dr. Darryl Adams - Democracy Education Technology Leadership Evangelist


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"Education Nation - The "Democracy" Album Coming Soon!

Dr. Darryl Adams is a leading Democracy Education Technology Evangelist . His work with the Obama Administration was highlighted by the President for innovation, inclusion and inspiration to others! Dr. Adams also known as @TheEdutainor blends his love for democracy, education and technology with his love for music and innovation! His "The Democracy Education Nation Album and book "A Guide to 21st Century Education in a Democratic Nation" will be available in September 2018! 

As one of the nation's Top Motivational Keynote Speakers, Edutainers and Advocates for Innovation, Education, Technology, Collaboration and Democracy, Dr. Darryl Adams is the epitome of the Creative Servant Leader and Motivator! 

As a Motivational Speaker, he provides a perfect blend of knowledge, information and inspiring real life stories of triumph over tragedy! 

Our "Keynote Concerts" come with inspiring oratory and original musical messages which, are a unique blend of Rock & Roll, Hip Hop and Soul! 

Inspiring and Edutaining Keynotes in Leadership, Democracy, Education and Technology!

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Rock and Soul Leadership

"A guide to 21st Century Education in a DEMOCRACTIC NATION!"

Chapter 1 Presentation

Democracy and Education: You Can't Have One Without The Other! 

Chapter 2 Presentation

The 21 Attributes of 21st Century Leadership 

Chapter 3 Presentation

Student Voice, Choice and Discourse - Personalized Preparation for College, Career and Citizenship

Chapter 4 Presentation

Leave No Child Offline and Leave no Teacher or Parent Behind

Chapter 5 Presentation

The Future of The Future in Education - From Artificial Intelligence to Virtual Reality to Augmented Reality to Just Plain Reality

Chapter 6 Presentation

Technology - Tools for Equity and Triumph in An Education Nation