"Edutaining" Keynote Concerts!

Rock & Roll!


Inspired by Rock & Roll, Hip Hop and Soul, Dr. Adams is ready to perform and "edutain" to help promote positivity, innovation and peace in an ever challenging world. He has created his own unique blend and genre of positive musical messages designed to motivate and inspire all of us to act on behalf of the greater good!  

Hip Hop!


  Dr. Adams is a one man rock & roll, hip hop and soul artist who plays all his own instruments, does all his own vocals and engineers, produces, mixes and masters all of his own original digital recordings! His special love for the recording sciences and his efforts to bring positive motivational music to the world is his life's calling!     

and Soul!


Dr. Adams' original solo music album entitled "Unity" will be available via digital download on this website in Fall of 2017! A portion of the proceeds from his album will go to support his "Leave No Child Offline" and "Leave No Veteran Behind" Initiatives!