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The Rock And Roll Superintendent

Dr. Darryl Adams is an internationally known retired school superintendent and technology/servant leadership evangelist that was recognized by President Obama as one of the Top 100 Innovative Superintendents in the Nation. He has been honored as one of the most influential voices in Education by Tech & Learning Magazine, the Center for Digital Education, iNACOL and The Journal. In his career, Dr. Adams was named Los Angeles County Teacher of the Year and was recently honored as a NASS Superintendent of the Year Finalist! His district was the first in the nation to provide an iPad for all of his 20,000 students. Dr. Adams has been recognized by President Barack Obama as Creative Education Innovator and the Creator of the Wifi-on-Wheels School Bus Initiative. This initiative was the first in the nation to put WIFI routers on school buses. This connected students to the internet on their way to and from school and the buses were parked at night in rural neighborhoods and trailer parks that had no internet connectivity! 

Dr. Adams’ impact as a creative motivational leader and “Edutainor” is second to none as he uses his exemplary oratorical and musical skills to combine inspirational stories, songs and rap to “edutain” “educate” and “elevate” his audiences worldwide! In fact he enlists his audience into his “Rock And Soul Band” and teaches them motivational songs and rap that relates to his keynote/presentations! His debut solo album  "Education Nation” will be released in Spring of 2019!


A Presentation for Students and Parents

To Tweet or Not To Tweet

A Presentation for Students and Parents on the Pros and Cons, Do's and Don'ts and Wills and Wont's of Social Media!

Social Media can have positive and negative consequences for  users, especially young people. Whether you are Snap Chatting, Tweeting, Facebooking or Instagraming, your reputation and credibility can suffer with one negative post or unwise participation in Twitter battles, wars, etc.  Adults and businesses can also fall prey to social media bias and negative assaults. So regardless of whether you are a student, a parent, a teacher or a professional, "To Tweet or Not TO Tweet" is a fun and educating way to understand how social media can impact brands, reputations and your life in a positive or negative way!

Schedule a live and fun edutainment 50-minute presentation at your school, community center, church, or place of business!



We are all affected by the extraordinary power inherent in the digital world in which we are connected.  Young people and adults must adhere to principles of digital citizenship that mirror ordinary citizenship. Dr. Adams will discuss and present 8 principles of digital citizenship and how we can all participate in a safe Internet Environment! The 8 principles are:

1. Privacy

2. Identity

3. Safety

4. Literacy

5. Reputation

6. Cyberbullying

7. Communication and

8 Creativity


Democracy Class 2020

A Free Nonpartisan Masterclass for High School Students and Communities Everywhere from Dr. Adams

The Rock and Roll Hip Hop and Soul Democracy Class is a free, nonpartisan curriculum that educates high school students about the importance and history of voting and how to register and pre-registers  to vote.

Dr. Adams donate his services through his Edutainment Records and Multi-Media Company and educates and edutains students with his history and experiences during the civil rights era using stories and music from his original Rock and Roll Hip Hop and Soul “Education Nation" album.

Keynotes, Presentations and Workshop Topics and Descriptions


“Leave No Child Offline Leave No Teacher Behind: Keys to Transforming to a  21st Century Education for All!”  

Digital equity and access in the 21st century are crucial to students being able to compete on a global level and teachers and parents must also be a part of the progress forward! There are few places in society where technology is not utilized or playing an important role. As a result, it’s more critical than ever that students graduate with the 21st-century literacy and technology skills they need to navigate and succeed in our increasingly interconnected, digital world. It is just as important that teachers and parents understand their role! Dr. Darryl Adams will share the story of how one of the poorest school districts in America helped to lead in the transformation of education in America by including students, teachers and parents in the process and the vision of educational equity for all! Future Ready because the Future is Now! The transformation can be accomplished by other school communities and Dr. Adams will show you how!

“Cybersecurity: Protecting Student Information and Student/Employee Privacy” - How Secure is Your Information”

School districts like businesses are not immune from hackers and hacking and must by law ensure that student information and privacy are protected. Dr. Adams will discuss methods, case studies, and possible solutions to help minimize cyber intrusions that violate student data and privacy. The discussion involves techniques and strategies on how to protect school systems, individual schools, and student information.

“Social Emotional Learning: Engaging Mind, Heart and Soul”

Dr. Adams will discuss the 5 core competencies of Social Emotion Learning and how SEL can enlighten and enhance teacher effectiveness and student progress. He will explore how SEL skills prepare students for the world of work, citizenship, graduation and college/career preparation and how teachers and administrators can choose and effectively implement SEL programs for 2019 and beyond. 

“21 Attributes of 21st Century Rock and Soul Leadership”

Dr. Adams is a 21st Century Leader and believes that 21st Century Leaders effectively model and use certain leadership attributes, styles, and digital-age skills to communicate, inspire, motivate, and lead cohesive teams and organizations to success. From his own personal experience, Dr. Adams will share how vision, trust, love, collaboration, creativity, innovation, modeling and openness can help individuals, schools and organizations build and grow 21st Century Leaders and cultivate 21st Century Leadership! 

"Automation, Robot Nation, and Artificial Intelli-gration: Are We Ready for Sky-Net?"

Automation, Robotics, Drones, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality offer new ways of teaching and learning which are imperative to educating students for success in an ever changing technological world!  Dr. Adams will discuss and explore ways to use these tools to better engage and prepare students. He will also discuss the implications and ramifications facing educators and the larger community! How far is too far? Will teachers someday be obsolete? Are dangers seen and unforeseen? 

"From The Outhouse to The White House - How the Challenge of Poverty Prepares Us For Progress and Success"

Dr. Adams Educates, Edutains and Elevates through inspiring real life stories and anecdotes from his upbringing in a poverty stricken neighborhood of Memphis TN and with positive musical messages and raps that his audiences sings along with specifically catered to them, to his innovative and transformative affect on education and leadership reforms working with schools, districts, states and the Obama White House! Dr. Adams has spoken to and performed for audiences at the White House, West Point, Stanford University, and The Kennedy Center to name a few. He is an award-winning educator, leader, democracy and technology advocate and serves on many non-profit boards serving disadvantaged populations, students with disabilities and students with reading deficiencies! 

"All-in for All Kids; How to Develop A Culture of Trust, Love and Collaboration That Leads to Student Success"

It is easy to get caught up in the minutiae and forget to say hello or ask how is the family or how are you? Dr. Adams shares stories of trust, love, collaboration and commitment that when embedded in a school’s culture from top to bottom, propels individuals, teams and organizations to triumph over challenges!

"Democracy and Education: You Can’t Have One Without the Other"

Dr. Adams shares the principles of democracy and education and how each intersects and juxtaposes what educators need to teach in order to help our students be informed civic minded individuals. This is crucial to the survival of our democracy and liberty. Dr. Adams believes that we need to teach more to the tenets of what a true democratic republic is and how participation