"What Others Are Saying"

Andrea Samadi, Speaker, Author, Founder of AchieveIt360.com

As someone working in the area of student achievement, it was not difficult to notice this leader's innovation, creativity and imagination. His experience with over 26 years as an educator with the goal of preparing students for College, Career and Citizenship took him to the top of his field. His unique outlook earned his selection by the White House and the US Department of Education as one of the Top 100 Innovative Superintendents in America. I highly recommend working with Dr. Adams if you are looking for keynotes, leadership services, consulting or training to take your organization to the next level. He has taught me strategic thinking that has allowed me to stretch far beyond the heights I thought I was capable of."

Rebecca Coda, NBCT, M.Ed.

"Dr. Darryl Adams is more than an educator and more than an entertainer, he is an influencer and true servant leader. As a technology specialist I reached out to Dr. Adams regarding his wifi on the bus initiative. We were rolling out 1:1 laptops and I was seeking guidance and support. Without hesitation, and even with the robust schedule he was keeping, he took the time to connect and support me from miles away. He leads with conviction, honor, and heart. The world is a better place because of Dr. Adams and his dedication to serving others!"

Billy Reed

"Dr. Adams,

You are a Rock Star. I saw the story on CBS. Your logistical thinking is huge. To use the school bus as a hot spot in areas of need.  Cutting edge action with off hours assets will allow many to achieve in the face of various forms of hardship.

My hope is that other academic / community leaders follow your example."

Semper Fi

Billy Reed

MSgt  USMC (ret)

Mitchell Wilson

Dr. Adams, we just watched your story on the CBS evening news tonight and my wife and I felt it important to send you an email in regards to this story. You were described as a former "Rock Star", I think that statement should have been you are a "Star".

Your vision for the future of these students and education should stand as the gold standard for all districts throughout the entire country. I hope and pray that this story is viewed by enough administrators and superintendents to start the process to proliferate this idea to every school district. 

We live in Anson county NC and we are a tier I area, that is also struggling to provide the best education possible for all our students. I will also forward the information to our Supertintendent of Anson County schools in hopes that he may contact you for further information on the program.

As a side note I did notice that one of the busses featured in the story was a Thomas bus which is proudly made here in Thomasville, NC.

Thanks for your dedication and foresight to seeing that every student not only deserves but has the oppurtunity to grow intellectually and become technology savvy in this ever changing world in which we live. Your vision will enhance the future generations in ways that we may not be able to fathom at this juncture of our lives.


Mitchell Wilson

USMC (ret)

William Carrington Bland

Good morning Dr. Adams,

Was enjoying my CBS early morning news, which I happened to come across a story about your efforts to help the school children of Coachella.  I have to say that I was both inspired and proud of you and just wanted to stop and let you know that I appreciated your story and wanted to share your story with my friends & family I have on facebook.

Perhaps this will inspire others to find a way out of no way - when it comes to our most valuable community assets.

May your efforts continue to mount, and your school district succeed as well.  What really got me is that the high school that I graduated from, Bennett High School (Buffalo, NY), is undergoing a transformation - hopefully these changes will light a candle for the community, the teachers and the children to dare themselves to soar!

Always felt that musicians always figured out how to fit a note in a song...smiles

Thanks again for starting my day off with a smile my brother!

William Carrington Bland

Dottie Bedell

Mr. Adams,


I just had the pleasure of viewing your story of the Coachella County school bus Wifi/router idea.

Wow. I am so impressed with your tenacity. Keep those graduation percentages rising, Sir!

You are using your life and legacy to help others—and THAT is what it’s all about.

All the best—

Dottie Bedell

HR Administrator